The Henson Menagerie, Bolton, CT

"The Chicken Lady"
Llamas, Goats, Poultry, and Fiber Products

Spring Chicks 2014!!!

Chicks will be coming in the Spring of 2014

check back for the breeds we will be offering this coming year.


Welcome to the Henson Menagerie, the home of Liz and Michael and a barn full of critters; furred, wooled and feathered. 

 Please take some time to visit with our friendly animals and see what we have for sale.  Our animals are raised with lots of love and attention, not only from us, but from the many youth volunteers that come to work with and learn about the animals.

   We are also very involved in the Tranquil Menagerie 4H club, where some of our animals join our young friends in the wonderful learning and leadership opportunities that 4H offers. Liz is a co-leader in the 4H club, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for animals with youth around the community.             


To find goat breeders in other states, visit

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